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a catalyst for change

I take ownership and stewardship of my life, health, and wellness, and love encouraging others to do the same.  

Not only am I here to cheer you on as you create daily habits that benefit you and your family, I'm here to help you create space for freedom and creativity to live a life that nurtures your soul and reflects the handiwork of our Lord and Savior.

adding value to others

The only good thing others will get from me is the goodness that overflows from time spent abiding with the Spirit of God. I practice waiting on the Spirit to guide my steps in my day, my life, my parenting, my conversations, and my coaching. The times I obey, value is added, moments I don’t, God goes to redeeming my mishaps and working everything out for our good and His glory.

Always drawn to an all natural lifestyle and now experiencing the stamina and vitality it offers, I'm inspired to encourage others to become Natural Solutions Providers who continue to grow in self awareness and self-directed learning.  

I lead a community of influencers, men and women, who continually refresh others, offering hope and solutions through one-on-ones, classes, events, and drops of pure, potent essential oils (& supplements). 

Together we help customers create healthy habits as they embrace a dōTERRA lifestyle of wellness.  

 stewarding self

I love my early morning quiet times, processing aloud with my listening husband, seeing my children follow their passions, snuggling with my Goldendoodle, meeting new people, and hearing others share their stories of how God showed up for them.  

I carve out daily moments where I call into existence the life I desire which God has whispered into my heart and I fill my calendar with life-giving experiences that nurture my soul.

adventure with me

My willingness to heed the voice of the Lord and filter everything through the Word of Truth will either be a sweet, life-giving aroma to you or a repulsive stench of death. My eagerness to please the Lord outweighs my need to be culturally accepted by the masses, but the kindness, gentleness, and unconditional love that Christ offers is the atmosphere I pray is experienced by those who venture alongside me.


Client Reviews

Going through Jennifer’s “Be the Change” workshop has been life changing! Jennifer is a such a sweet-spirited soul. She is patient and thorough as she guides her clients through the process. Jennifer helped me take my simple goals for the next year and transform them into an active game plan! I learned that what I believe and say about myself has a direct impact on what happens in my life! I was a little skeptical at first, but trusted Jennifer to guide me through the entire process. A month or two after going through the workshop, I have seen many of my goals already completed. I’ve witnessed God even make huge changes in the life of my husband and children as I’ve prayed and lived out positive, life-giving truth over my life! All glory to God as I continue to use the practical tools I took away from this amazing workshop!
— Traci Little
I would love for you to attend my Be the Change workshop and give an honest review!
— you know you want to
The greatest thing I ever did was embrace the honor of stewarding my children’s hearts!
— Jennifer Kindle, me, I said that because it's true.