Relationship is a Marathon

At first glance it would appear that she is getting all the benefit, and benefit she is getting, but let's dig a little deeper ... 

Relationship is a marathon of learning to die to self so they can live. It is choosing to become a servant without expecting a return, it is deciding to love deeply even if it feels like a great personal loss. 

Lose your life to find it, pour out to be filled up, the words are against all logic .... His higher ways are not ours, yet He invites us to consider a better way. 

This #AromaTouchTechnique, this act of service from a deep place of love and hope for wholeness, doesn't just add value to her. Yes, the work of my hands and the prayers prayed all launch her into more life-giving opportunities, but the reality is, I get the greatest return. 

There is something about serving for the benefit of others that changes us into His likeness. Expecting nothing in return opens a wide space for the Lord to breathe encouragement that can't be described with words. Offering prayers for someone else to see God's glory is the trigger for scales to fall off our own eyes where we can see Him more clearly. 

Lose yourself today, set aside your wants and desires while choosing to deeply love without expecting a return, even if it feels like it adds no value to you at all .... I'm pretty certain it is in moments like these that the Lord overwhelms my soul with the resonating affirmation that I'm in step with the Spirit.