Call into the Deep

Deep. It's my #wordoftheyear I chose as a reminder to embrace the pulling down into the unknown. Not even a full month into the year and I'm learning that to fully embrace requires me to fully let go.

I've been practicing keeping eyes wide open to every little detail that God is orchestrating on my behalf. How He shifts the atmosphere, how He sprinkles favors over my day, how he answers prayers prayed so long ago that I had nearly forgotten I desired it.

I've been bragging on Him to others about it too, making sure they notice what He just did there ... just for fun because He loves His children!

Just yesterday I pulled out my twenty to pay for the thirteen dollar #momandme journal and just like that, not even being on sale, it rang up eight bucks. I smiled and bragged on the Giver of all the extra sprinkled blessings a good father gives.

And here is what He said to me this morning ....

Noticing what's on the surface is the first step into the deep. Gratefulness, awareness, noticing, giving acknowledgement ... those things are what draws you down deep into the love of Christ.

Your turn ... call out the good the father has lavished upon you this weekend.