Raise them up

She oozes sweetness .... and those lips!!! ❤  Being around her makes me a better mom.  He kindness continually calls me into deeper thought processes and her creativity stretches my understanding of the diversity of God. 

This morning I just want to watch her sleep and call all God's goodness over her life. As I scribbled prayers onto paper over all my kiddos, I remembered the call to raise them up and send them out, and I thanked God for the promise that He sees them through to completion. 

My courage to you this morning is to raise them up in the wisdom and knowledge of God.  Raise them up free to be who God created them to be.  Raise them up knowing God fashioned them and created them for a purpose greater than their own fleshly desires.    Raise them up believing that all God's words are true and as believers they have the power to shift the atmosphere by allowing the Spirit to pour out of them.

How are you struggling as a parent this week?  I would love to offer a truth for you to cling to today.