Roses are red

In case you're curious as to why roses are the flower of choice next month, it's because the beautiful fragrance of rose is almost intoxicating and aphrodisiac-like. Yep, true statement.

But roses die after a week and I know you want that same benefit for longer than a week, so here's where I come in to help .... enter Rose oil!!! Gift this to your spouse (or to yourself), but not just for the aphrodisiac properties, silly ....

Rose oil consist of powerful healing properties and is beneficial for every realm of whole body wellness.

Physically, Rose is great for digestive issues and female issues, as well as headaches, tension, and skin complaints. It is the ONLY thing that will tackle my son's poison ivy!!! (no more steroid shots!!!) Sidenote ... having a C-section? Snag a roller and be amazed at your incision after you've pampered it with Rose oil.

Emotionally, it's great for balancing our mood.

Relationally, Rose assist us in remembering to let God love others through us.

Mentally, it is stimulating and elevating to the mind, creating a sense of well-being.

Everyone needs Rose, and if your husband balks at the price, just ask him while you're naked. And guys, the more you invest in your wife's health, the happier you will be, guaranteed! (I would love to help you gift your wife or husband a bottle of Rose plus a membership for more aphrodisiac oils❤❤!!)

Or ... ask me about the Neroli challenge if you're wanting your spouse to take a little more initiative physically.

Happy Valentine's Day early! Order now so you don't rush around buying last minute have-tos that offer zero benefit.