oregano and melaleuca

Keeping my heart wide open to love others well while also keeping strong boundaries in toxic relationships is an ongoing learning process for me. I'm learning, slowly, that walking in the Spirit is the key to overflowing love, so I can keep my heart wide open and trust God to guard my heart and mind. I don't have to build any walls when I'm trusting Christ.

strong loving boundaries.png

There was a time in my life where I would've said, "There is no way I can subject myself to them without it affecting me in a negative way." But the longer I parent and the more diverse people I'm surrounded by, I'm realizing the power of Christ in me, through me, and guarding me.

We don't have to build walls for life-sucking people who take advantage of us, beat us down with words, expectations, or negativity. We can let God create and hold steady the stronger, healthier boundaries without writing people off. We can open up our bottle of Melaleuca, inhale deeply and ask God to keep our hearts wide open to love people well and to guard our heart, mind, and emotions from picking up their negativity and lies. We can ask for grace to pour out over them trusting that God isn't finished with them yet. We can trust God to use Melaleuca to disinfect the areas of our hearts where we let these previous hurts create reactive triggers for these people so that we are free to love them well.

We also don't have to be the toxic, negative people who dogmatically push ourselves and opinions on others. We can't pridefully stand our ground and expect others to show us grace so let's do our part ... Unscrew your bottle of Oregano and experience the intense aroma, you may even realize it repels you ... that's exactly the reaction others have to our pride. Lean in again, inhale deeply, and ask God for a pliable heart that accepts and grows from life-giving rebuke. Ask God for gentle people who will come along side you, not just to offer you grace, but to offer you a new perspective that shakes your core and produces humility and personal growth.

The goal here is unity in Christ, grace, growth, and healthy relationships.

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