petitgrain and lavender

Ever feel trapped in your relationships, as if you can't be true to who God made you and still be accepted by people?

Copy of strong loving boundaries (1).png

Maybe God placed inside you a gigantic amount of faith and belief, but you're surrounded by realistic people always pouring cold water on all your hopes of God doing a new thing just like He promised.

Maybe you're placed in a sphere of influence that rejects God, but there's a hunger in your soul that desires pursuing Him. Staying connected to your people and moving out of their influence may seem impossible.

Maybe you have already braved embracing and expressing your true self, but you carry bitterness and negativity toward those who had so much influence over your entire life. You desire healing and healthy connections, but you want to walk confidently and be loved and accepted for who you are, as well as love and accept them for who they are.

Today's BOGO from doTERRA is for all of us!!

We tell our kids, "Take all the good from us, leave the bad, and go make your own life, reflecting Christ in the unique way He created you."

Petitgrain & Lavender will help shed light on our negative family patterns so we can all choose to let go of traditions and "shoulds" that don't help us thrive. These oils will support our kids in choosing to honor the positives we bring without choosing bitterness where we have suffocated them in the past.

Supporting our bodies with today's BOGO helps all of us bravely embrace our uniqueness, encouraging honesty, communication, and freedom to share our true identity with others.

Maybe you are using these oils alone, outside the support of loving people who want healthier connections, the benefit will be worth it as you walk bravely in your own decisions while still moving toward those people with a wide open heart to love them well and dig out the gold in them without focusing on their flaws or your tendency to feel dejected.

Today only ... but Petitgrain and get Lavender FREE.