Hidden Junk

You can't tell this girl has matted hair. Even in person, just at a glance, you would never know. You could get up really close, rub your hands through her coat to feel them and think that a little elbow grease and the right comb could do the trick ... but ... hours I have brushed this pooch and picked out one mat after another without making much progress.

The longer we let her hair grow, the greater the problem gets.

Her hair reminds me of unhealthy emotions we let grow too long. We comb through them for awhile until they become so thick we can't manage them anymore.

We need to stop trying to manage the mess and just cut it out.

Church culture tells us to do the right thing whether you feel like it or not ... and it is true, we need to be people who follow truth, not our feelings, but emotions are a gift from the Lord and we must stop ignoring them, stuffing them down, and trying to just "get over it and move on."

We need to feel the emotions deeply, offering them up to the Lord in confession. We need to get them out into the light so God can heal them. If we keep putting on our church face, pretending "I'm good," we just keep lies hidden in the dark where the enemy works.

Maybe nobody notices how emotionally unhealthy you are. Maybe you don't have anybody up close rubbing their hands through your hair while you're in your meltdown, but that doesn't mean your hurt isn't seen by God.

Some of us have stuffed it down so many years that we are afraid of letting it surface, and the rest of us don't even realize the layers upon layers we've covered up. The Holy Spirit is our helper and he wants to heal you and your emotional health.

Tomorrow I'll jump on and share the essential oil I used for skin healing without knowing it would dig up so much junk in me that I'm surprised my family stuck with me last fall.