Letting Kids make Choices


I don't know how many articles I've read from homeschooling moms who were offering advice on transitioning their high schoolers into public school ... but they were all facts and details .. I didn't find one .. not one about emotions and fears and growing in faith ... not one about authenticity or early releasing of hearts or anything relational and so ... I'll just take it upon myself to share my story in all the ugly mess it has been as I've had to choose surrender and release ..... and all the beauty it has already beheld just letting go and watching my child find the way in which he should go for now .... all in the middle of answering handfuls of homeschooling questions from moms who want to pull theirs out and homeschool themselves... only God in His creativity could plan out my last few weeks of refinement.....

"I think I have decided to go to school next year." I've known deep in my heart for several years now that the decision would be wrestled out, that pros and cons would be weighed, that my promise to always back their prayed-through yeses would one day be really hard. I knew the day would come when my heart would have to offer a release.

My Spirit stood confident accepting the new season ahead, but my flesh leaked out of my eyes onto the pages of my journal where I had to surrender all my fears, all my wishes, all my selfish desires.

As my surrender made way for courage, I boldly asked the God who gives generously to give me enthusiasm ... I always want my face and heart to reflect genuine excitement for my boy over every decision he struggles through to stay on the path God has for him.