Balanced Life


This time last year, these jeans fit! Not so much now. I get that I turned forty and I get that you all think I'm crazy for being concerned about a few extra pounds ... BUT ... because I've felt better than ever, because I have more energy than I did this time last year and because my mental game has been focused on positives rather than negatives, I completely neglected the stewardship of this physical temple.

Spiritual fitness is of great worth, while physical fitness is of just some worth, but get this guys ... we are physical beings as well as spiritual, and we can't neglect the temple of the Holy Spirit and expect our spiritual growth to not be hindered.

I've been convicted of how many calories I put in my mouth, of how many opportunities for movement I overlook, of how many stressors I've let slip in, and how many toxins I've let myself be exposed to because it was easier than doing harder things ... easier than going the extra mile, easier than spending the extra dollar on quality, easier than making the better choices.

Who out there can resonate? Have you neglected areas of your life ... we can't neglect areas and still live a balanced life.

Anyone else motivated to take ownership of their whole body wellness?