Be Stronger


In our weakness, He rises strong. If you're going to wear any banner this weekend, wear one of surrender, because it's in the giving up our will in surrender to His that we find the strength to move forward, believing hope against all hope and grow stronger in our faith.

As I struggled to be glad about Brett choosing public school next year, I realized how much it isn't about me. Brett's life isn't about me!

If I would've stayed in my selfishness, I would've missed seeing just how brave He is. I would've missed the ways in which God reminded me of just how steady He has made my boy. I would've missed the opportunity to see how he has grown into a deep thinker, and above all, I would've missed the opportunity to be thankful I have a rescuer who always shows up and takes my chaotic distrust and turns it into calmer peace.

Which of these oils do you need in your life right now???