We are the Body


The words kept sparking something in me, the dad cheered, "Everybody hits, everybody hits!" Each one of our batters took his place at the plate and the dad encouraged, "Everybody hits, everybody hits!"

The Spirit whispered, "Do your part, everybody do your part, every person work out your salvation, everybody walk in submission to the Spirit."

Not every batter hits it every single time, and not every Christ follower knocks it out of the park obeying, but always the Father is cheering us on, "Follow me, follow me."

May we all find ourselves with teammates ahead of us and behind who are stepping up to the plate, doing their part, cheering us on to yield to the Spirit, to follow Christ, encouraging us when we are weak, and standing in the gap for us when we are in a slump.

We teach our kids to do their best, but regardless of how they play, you win as a team and you lose as a team. We will one day independently stand before God and give an account for our own life, and it won't matter what our teammates did or didn't do, but may we not let this truth determine our desire to win as a team while we are here.

We are the body of Christ and have an opponent with a goal to defeat us in our daily battles, why do we battle alone? Why do we think so independently, why do we fly solo, why do we leave the Spirit out, why do we overlook our teammates who will get in the game with us, go to bat for us, stand strong beside us?

Are you a team player? Do you give a rip whether your brother or sister knocks one out of the park? Do you cheer him on or let envy dim your celebration? Do you encourage when he is down or puff your own self up?

Who wants to be a team player? Who wants to win not just the victory, but the daily battles? We need each other!

As you celebrate what Jesus did on the cross and how He overcame death, remember it wasn't just for you, but for the guy beside you in a hitting slump.