The Simply Quiet Life

Walking down the street to gather with family, the Lord graciously filled my heart with a fresh wave of thanks.


Thirty years ago I frequently peddled my bike up and down this alleyway, caught crawdads in the creek at one end, and played at my cousins' house at the other. These days, my own kiddos do the same.

My dreamer's heart, with big ideas and plans, can easily get discouraged by the simplicity of my surroundings and the mundane moments of my days if I fix my eyes on anything other than Christ.

Today I am thankful, pen to paper I had to wrestle it out, confessing my unmet expectations, laying them at the cross, and picking up His plan for my life.

The simple things are His plan for my life in this season. The making of disciples primarily happens in the walls of my own home, the big ideas are creativities to invite those in my small sphere of influence into, the small things seem to be the most important, and the call to pray with others looks a lot like gathering my children's hands into mine around the coffee table.

I confess that I don't always embrace this calling or think the small things are valuable, but I'm learning and growing, and today I choose gratefulness for this simply quiet life where I have enough grace for today alone.

What about you, how is God growing you?