A Jekyll & Hyde Mom

clary calm.jpg

I remember girls sitting out during athletics in high school because they were on their period. I remember thinking they were wimps.

After my fourth child, I had my tubes tied without researching or realizing the ramifications it would have on my body... (another story for another day) and my cycles were jacked up. I'll spare you the details, but if you are resonating with me, I feel your pain, sista.

I found myself with legs elevated and heating pad on high, repenting for making fun of all those wimpy girls skipping athletics back in high school.

After years of hormone imbalances, emotional meltdowns, awful cycles, and Jekyll & Hyde tendencies, I was introduced to doTERRA. I supported my body and created an atmosphere where it could do what God designed it to do ... heal itself!!!

I am thankful, my husband is relieved, and my kids aren't afraid of which mom is going to show up!!! I still support my body so it can keep doing what it was designed to do.

A little PasteTense on the forehead and neck for head tension relief and Clary Calm for any cramps that creep up.

If your body is jacked up and you feel like your periods are from hell, talk to me. If you or your teens are missing out on activities because their cramps are keeping them down, I would love for you to slip this roller bottle into their lives.

Periods don't have to be awful .. that's a lie we don't have to accept. We can experience health and wholeness all month long.