Align Your Thoughts

So many discouraged hearts out there, life just hasn't been what was expected ....

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As your heart aches over hopes deferred, marriages unfulfilled, children wayward, hearts divided ....

Remember God is a God who repairs, raises, and rebuilds. I keep this oil in my nook, by my Bible and inhale it as I ask God for a heart lined up with His.

Align your thoughts with the possibilities of what God can do in your life.

Repair our breaches, God. The weak spots we are unaware of, where the enemy sneaks in and steals our joy, reinforce our hearts. We have torn down with our own hands and attitudes, God, we have left ruins, a heaping, overwhelming mess. Take our ruins and raise them up centered on YOU, the Rock of our salvation, strong and steady.

Today as you feel the weight of life and the temptation to choose discouragement, align your heart with the God who calls into existence what isn't yet.

This unique blend will help you reach for and connect with the love of Christ, opening your heart to receive Him. He is a safe place of intimacy and will never fail you. Inhale deeply and be drawn into a depth of trust, renewal, and hope for your weary soul. This blend of Rose, Jasmine, Marjoram, Geranium, and Basil will not disappoint as you desire a soft, pliable heart reliant on a heart made whole by His loving promises.