Throw an Anchor

The waves of life seem to swell and threaten our emotional stability. “I can’t do this any more,” becomes our chant as we raise the white flag of surrender, and instead of exposing the root of why we feel the threat of drowning, we push it down into the dark places where the enemy overtakes. We know we hide and repress our truest feelings, but the dark places offer the lie of safety. Those few times we have exposed our truest, darkest emotions, we’ve been met with judgment and condemnation, or perhaps the people you bravely chose to help carry your burden are the ones who looked beyond your pain and picked up an offense instead.


Let’s be real, there are times we want to drift out and away, away from life, away from the burden, away from the people, even away from the God who never seems to deliver on His promises. We give ourselves permission to row out away from it all, all the hopes that never came to be and all the people we think we can live without. We start out with bravery and courage, a strong resolve of what we call independence. This independence that fuels us is just a thick, brick wall of bitterness we build with our own hands, laying brick upon brick with each unmet expectation.

We eventually become paralyzed in our escape plan and raise another sign of surrender, only this time we throw out an anchor to steady us as we contemplate our next move. We begin with raw honesty this time, all of it brought out into the light, gushing out like a flood of emotions, but instead of looking for people to carry the burden, we ask the One who offers an easy yoke, the One who takes the burden and carries it for us. Always ready and able and waiting on us to call out to Him, He offers the healing grace we longed to walk right into from the get-go. He draws us in deep, strengthening a new resolve of humility and dependence. He restores our hope and opens our eyes to the possibilities of a life that keeps on surrendering, a heart that seeks the Kingdom over the culture.

Today as you find yourself in the process of your escape plan, unscrew your bottle of Anchor, close your eyes, inhale deeply, and remember the hope we have in Jesus.

This hope we have an an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast.
— Hebrews 6:19

He is gentle and never forces himself on us, but He is our deliver and as soon as we call upon Him, we are rescued, saved from the enemy who lies and discourages and tempts us to hide in the dark.

As you pray and fix your mind on truth, Anchor brings a calm and steady support for the physical, helping you step into the sweet, peaceful presence of God. In His presence we realize that He is all we need, He is our source of life, and yet He calls us to love well in community, to be unified and journey together, and to bear one another’s burdens.

May we be blessed with surrendered friends who hear our burden and offer it up to Christ with us.