Arise, Look Up

Arise, lift up your eyes, where does your help come from?


My help comes from the Lord, giver of joy and life, creator of purpose and meaning. Only Christ will satisfy the longing in your soul, the longing that cries, "There has to be more to life than this."

I watch my son struggle to know who he is in Christ, struggle to even surrender to Christ. The enemy's voice is loud in his head, shouting lies that feel real to him, lies of unworthiness, lies of stupidity, lies that life is pointless so you might as well end it.

"Are you miserable? How can you live like that?" I ask with a heart who knows the God of hope who makes things brand new in an instant.

Through tears and screams I hear, "I think about killing myself, you want me to just do it?"

Perfect love casts out fear so his words have no grip on me, I know the One with authority, the same One whose voice spoke into my life as I carried this boy in my womb. The One whose voice said, "This child's life will build my kingdom, others will be drawn to his personality."

I know whom I have believed in, and I'm persuaded that He is able to fulfill His word over this boy's life. My hope rests in the promise that He sees us through to completion.

Today, maybe your downcast heart sees no way up, maybe your mind hears voices of unworthiness, voices keeping you stuck in the past, voices weighing you down with hindering impossibilities.

Look up, child. Arise, your Redeemer awaits your surrender. He will come rushing in as soon as you give Him permission. He will fill the emptiness, flood your heart with hope and joy, and give you eyes to see the possibilities of what He can do.

I will be diffusing Arise in my home around my boy, reminding him that his life has meaning and purpose. He doesn't have to understand how God uses scents to send happy, supportive signals to the brain and He doesn't have to understand just yet that our joy comes from the Spirit.

I just want him to understand that all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

There is a spiritual battle for my child's life ... all of our lives. The difference is, the unsaved are powerless in their battle. There is power only in the name of Jesus!

Arise, look up, surrender to your Redeemer!