Invite God into the Dreaming


In this world of "Dreaming Big" and reaching for the stars, if we aren't centered on Christ, we pridefully build in vain. 

I'm a dreamer, full of outlandish opportunities and creative thoughts. A mile a minute my mind can race, filling up a vision board with more ideas than one person could ever accomplish in a lifetime. 

When I forget to invite God into my dreaming, when I forget He is the master builder, I spin my wheels, get stuck, and move toward discouragement. 

"Never give up on your dreams," I encouraged my daughter last night, "just be sure to invite God into your dreaming and planning. Every plan He has for you will come to be, so just ask Him to show you how to pray."

Each morning I've started rolling Dream on my wrists as I flip open my polka dotted prayer journal and invite God to whisper into my heart the prayers to pray concerning all the areas of my life. 

When I wait to hear His heart and pray that back to Him, my hope and faith rise because I know His words are true, and it pleases Him to answer the prayers which we pray in response to His whispered plans for us. 

Some of you just questioned that? "Yeah, all His WRITTEN words are true, but we can't trust our own thoughts, I mean really, our hearts are wicked above all else!"

Who has known the mind of the Lord? We have the mind of Christ!

Friend, if you are abiding in Christ, listening to His Spirit, and letting the Scriptures transform your mind, then every thought that comes into your mind that is not in opposition to what He has already told us in His written word can be trusted. 

Why not just test Him on this and see if He doesn't do a new thing in your life. The first place to start is knowing what God's word does say, because His ways are certainly not our ways and if you're dreaming up plans and ideas for your life without filtering it through what He has already said in His written word, your dreaming and planning and building are all in vain, my friend. 

All of God's plans come to fruition and none of man's last, so let Him be the master builder and designer of your days, your home, your life ... ask Him his heart concerning you.