Stand Firm

"Kiddos, you better think long and hard about what you believe is true, and nail it down quickly because it will be tested!" 

Those are the words I encouraged my kids with recently and I speak over you today. 

Culture is creating an atmosphere breeding fear into #believers ... but only if we feed the fear can it grow. 

I am one of God's children! If you belong to him, join me in believing today that we are delivered from our enemies, and we can serve him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him ALL of our days. 

Feed your faith, my friends. Plant your feet on solid rock, the rock that can't be moved. Our enemy is not against flesh and blood, our battle is with the prince of darkness. Be strong and courageous and stand for truth at every turn and let God's unconditional love ooze right out of you into the world. 

Do not be swayed and compromise truth because people you love and are in relationship with choose to give in to the desires of their flesh. The greatest act of love you can offer them is to stand firm in the faith and let God's power through you breathe life into dead bones.