Grapefruit Essential Oil

That empty void that can only be filled by the love of Christ is often stuffed with things that never fill. Deep down our souls long for acceptance, to be known and loved, yet the circumstances of life leave us pained. Instead of identifying the root of our hurt, we often take the hidden shame and disgust out on ourselves, on our own bodies we become abusive and restrictive.

Grapefruit is the rotund, yellow-orange fruit of an evergreen citrus tree. Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the rind of this fruit and is cherished for its many uses and benefits, particularly it’s ability to cultivate a healthy relationship with food. Many times the grapefruit itself is misused in restrictive diet programs, but this essential oil can be a spark toward acceptance and love over ones own self.

Imagine unscrewing the lid and inhaling deeply the sour, tangy, fruity aroma and immediately being shifted toward a a positive mindset. The main chemical component, limonine, will invoke a sense of clarity as you feel an invigorating, energized attitude toward your day. You love it so much, you drop a few drops in your your water and take a big refreshing gulp, thanking God for supporting your healthy metabolism and asking Him to fill the places in your heart that you have previously tried to fill by stuffing food to distract yourself from the pain.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

  1. Teenage years can be rough, and with constant blemishes making their appearance, feelings of self-consciousness can quickly add to already existing frustrations. For a simple way to help your teenager improve the appearance of blemishes, add Grapefruit essential oil to his or her nightly facial routine (avoid sun exposure for up to 12 hours after applying any citrus oil topically).

  2. Are you trying to shed some extra weight or stick to a diet? Use Grapefruit essential oil to help you meet your goals. Add a few drops of Grapefruit oil into a diffuser to help increase motivation. 

  3. The fruity and spry flavor of Grapefruit essential oil makes a great addition to a variety of different foods and drinks. To enliven the flavor of your smoothies and also give your body the benefits of Grapefruit oil, add one to two drops of Grapefruit essential oil to your favorite smoothie.

  4. Grapefruit is well-known for its ability to support a healthy metabolism.* Support your metabolism at home or on-the-go by adding one to two drops of Grapefruit oil to your water. This essential oil addition to your drinks will also give your water a flavor-filled and vitalizing boost. Take the benefits of Grapefruit oil wherever you go by carrying it in your purse or briefcase and adding it your water at restaurants or at work. 

  5. Enjoy a soothing massage with Grapefruit essential oil. For a good pick-me-up after a long day, apply Grapefruit oil and massage in needed areas. The Grapefruit oil will leave behind a light, uplifting fragrance and will also help improve the appearance of blemishes where it is applied. For the areas massaged, avoid UV light for up to 12 hours after applying citrus oils topically.

  6. Improve the relationship with your body by giving it some essential oil care. Rub one to two drops of Grapefruit essential oil on your stomach to help you have a healthy emotional relationship with your body. 

  7. Push the tense feelings away with the aromatic and topical benefits of Grapefruit essential oil. If you are feeling tense or down, rub one to two drops of Grapefruit oil onto your neck and shoulders for positive vibes. Grapefruit essential oil will help promote feelings of vitality and will uplift mood. 

  8. Make sure to spread the effects of Grapefruit essential oil to your entire body by adding it to your body scrubs and body wash. This essential oil addition will emit an invigorating scent and help smooth the skin. 

  9. Often times, reading or studying for long periods of time can cause the mind to wander and lose focus. For those moments when you need a boost to help you study or you are wanting to finish up the last pages of a book, diffuse Grapefruit essential oil. Diffusing Grapefruit oil will help promote a sense of focus while studying or reading. 

  10. With its powerful cleansing properties, Grapefruit oil is valued for its skin care benefits

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I don’t much like the fruit to eat, but I love the essential oil and the many benefits it offers.

How do you use your Grapefruit Essential Oil?