Intro & Confession

Processing 2018 as been going on since the calendar pages flipped passed October. Come to think of it, the squares of November still stared me down until just a few days ago when I was pulled up out of a suffocating pit, you know, the muck and mire one creates when the lies become so much louder than one is able to withstand so they just give in and believe them. 

Yep, I confess, I quit IT ALL three times in the last eight weeks. IT ALL meaning ... every single thing that makes up who I am, my core values, what drives me and suits me and fills my bucket ... all of it!! 

I'm Jennifer, by the way. If you're new here, welcome. The only thing I can offer you in this space is authenticity, confession, encouragement, and a call into deeper waters with me. If that isn't what you're looking for, permission to click that unfollow button.... if all of that sounds intriguing, well, pull up your big girl panties because we are going to be dealing with our crap this year. 

Happy New Year to ya!