I am the Wonder

I didn't get the #wonderwoman bracelet we found at #hobbylobby ... but it did get my brain to thinking about the power of our words and calling things into existence.


I'm not wonder woman or super mom or anything remotely heroic. I'm a grump with high expectations that easily gets discouraged when things don't go my way. I look awful in tights and I use slight profanity when I'm mad, which convicts me immediately and then I am reminded of my power to model behavior when my children burst out in an outrage using the same profane choice of words. (Minus Kate because I think she's quicker to obey God than the rest of us!) ❤

So maybe I'm not the hot flashy super woman strutting around saving the world...I don't have a whip unless you count the tongue which I'm pretty good with....but then again...I do see glimpses of her..not super woman or super mom...but definitely tiny speckles of wonder woman showing up in me some days.

It's a wonder God keeps loving me and a bigger wonder how these kids overlook my offenses, and an even bigger wonder my husband thinks I'm a gift.

I wonder at all the possibilities God has whispered into my heart and I'm just brave and bold and stubborn enough to believe every one of them regardless of what others think about reality and practicality.

I'm just crazy enough to fight the enemy when it comes to my children's hearts and I'm not going down easily when the wicked beast throws a wedge into relationships here. I can't be held down by his lies and he might trip me up with his schemes, but my arsenal of truth is deep, and the power I carry inside me is strong enough to combat his ways day after day. I may grow weary...and cry ...and say words that rhyme with hit...but I get back up by the power of the Mighty, Wondrous One who keeps reigning me in to his grace and love...and I become the wonder.

I become the wonder because He keeps on using me when I'm a wreck of a mess myself....which really does turn my eyes to His wonder.

I think I might just go back and snag myself that wonder woman bracelet.