Only by Prayer & Fasting

Are you longing for a shift in some area, does your heart need a breakthrough? 

Maybe you're dealing with the kind of thing that refuses to budge ... the sort of issue that can only be removed with prayer and fasting. 

Arise! Cry out! Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord! Lift your hands to Him for the lives of your children ... your spouse, your friends, church family, pastor, co-worker, situation ..... 

Carve out pockets of time to pour out you heart, start believing you have enough time to do everything God calls you to do. Create new habits that allow you more free time in the presence of the one who takes ashes and creates beauty. 

Inhaling sunshine in a bottle each morning, Wild Orange invites my heart to choose joy and prompts my brain to creativity. I'm empowered to believe truth, hold on to promises, and stand firm. I'm invigorated to hope against all hope and run my race with Thanksgiving and determination. 

You want something to shift in your life?