Redeemed and Saying So

As my heart falls more in love with a slow pace in my day, I realize how much depth can be gained in simple acts of service such as the braiding of hair, listening to a child read aloud, even folding towels together. 

Sharing the breakfast making duties isn't about teaching them to be responsible as much as it is inviting them into your heart space and sharing a moment together. 

Spurred on this morning, I am, and reminded that I am redeemed and should be saying so!

I'm just a middle aged mom who said yes to showing up and sharing how God's Spirit showed up in some of the most mundane moments of our days. 

A question for you as I look ahead to what stories of ours to share first, what constantly nags at your soul? If I were to be asked this question, the floodgates on my mouth would immediately open with, "I just wish that," or "I just thought that." 

I'm sure you know without much thought, and if we are dealing with our crap this year, we can't sugarcoat the rawness of what nags us, so let's hear it .... not because I want to expose the yucky thoughts in your mind, but because God can heal things that are brought out into the light. "He sends out His word and heals them and delivers them!" 

Your turn.