All because they stuck it out

All because two people stuck it out. All because she believed in Christ and the hope of redemption. All because he finally surrendered and walked in grace and forgiveness.

All because the Lord was interwoven in the very fibers of the plans for my entire family even when all eyes weren't set on him, even when sin reigned supreme, and grace was taken advantage of.

God's gracious like that, knowing the bigger picture, knowing the generations to come, knowing the legacies that will linger on, telling of the deep love of Christ that goes deeper than any pit we can ever dig ourselves into.

We celebrate by being gathered together with you, Doyle Emma Milliorn. 78 birthdays coming and going in a blink of an eye. Hats off to you for sticking it out when it may have been easier to quit.

My children, living in a culture of brokenness, have before them a heritage of 8 great-grandparents finishing strong together, of 4 grandparents doing life and doing it together, the blessing & favor over our lives does not go unnoticed.

60+ years of matrimony, not all feeling holy, but holy nonetheless because of who orchestrated it ... All of it! All of us.

Happy birthday!! It's a humbling honor to be the fruit of God's plan over you both. Thank you for sticking it out!!!