Trust the Process & His Timing

Time is slipping through my fingers. Seven years ago this boy thought he was big enough to do it himself and couldn't understand why he couldn't be the one with the hammer in his hand. 

We are a lot like this disgruntled, pouty faced child. We want what we want and we want it now ... or we think we should have had that opportunity yesterday. We don't understand the refining power of patience and the perfected timing of God. 

If this child had been given the hammer here, both brothers would've probably been in danger and there is absolutely no end to the damage that could've been done. (I exaggerate not ... I heard my husband once yell, "Hey Hey Hey, put that hammer down! We do not throw hammers at people!)

God's timing is impeccable and his process for our refining can be welcomed with thankfulness. 

Whatever your heart is desiring to live out, whatever tool you think should be in your hand now, whatever you see yourself doing and can't understand why she can but you can't ... trust the process and the timing. 

Let God do His good work in you while you wait patiently and thankfully, your time is coming and you will be so grateful He didn't give you opportunities before He knew you could be trusted with them.