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My doTERRA community has grown into a group with an emphasis on helping others live a healthy, whole life. I would love for you to join us and add your strengths to ours as we move forward changing lives one drop at a time. I love the unique group of people I get to partner with in business. Finding compatible team members is a huge blessings and I’m excited to introduce you to those builders I get to journey with. Whether you partner up directly with me, or one of the Wellness Advocates below, I look forward to seeing you find joy in serving others.


Katie Sadler - Elite Builder

Katie and her family have been on a journey toward more toxic free living and natural health alternatives. They are so happy to have doTERRA in their family’s health toolbox. They use everything from supplements to soap, and plenty of oils in between. Their most used oils as a family are Melaleuca and Lavender! They keep them in rollers for anything skin related as well as a support for themselves during pollen season!

Aimee Holmes - Elite Builder

Out of desperation to seek help for her child, God directed Aimee’s attention to doTERRA oils. She was through with testing to determine causes for a situation that produced no significant results. She knew little about essential oils at that time, but needed change! After her first “information” class, Aimee soon purchased her first kit and saw how powerful the ten main oils were in treating day to day illnesses in her home without medical intervention. Today, they use these oils in their everyday life; school-day focusing, diffusing in their home and cars, for athletics, and for specific health concerns. Aimee’s family’s favorite oils are Copaiba and Frankincense for its many benefits on the central nervous system. They love Breathe for the respiratory benefits and Balance for “life” in their busy home of seven. Along with other chemical free products, they choose God’s healing power of doTERRA essential oils for their family.


Lena Good - Elite Builder

After her daughter had an ear infection at only 5 months old, Lena started looking for natural ways to support her and their family. The next time her daughter had ear discomfort she diluted doTerra's melaleuca, basil, and lavender then applied the blend around her outer ear several times throughout the day. By the next day, her ear was all clear! They now use doTerra on a daily basis. Her favorite product is the balance deodorant. She loves that it doesn't fail her by the end of the day and it does not contain any harmful ingredients.


Lisa Means - Director

Lisa was very skeptical of essential oils for years. Finally, she turned to them out of desperation…  and found instant relief! She is still learning, and still sometimes skeptical, but doTERRA has been a huge blessing for her family. She loves having safe, natural alternatives for her family’s health needs. Her favorite oil is Breathe, it truly lives up to it’s name!


Trisha griffin - executive

Trisha started using essential oils as a natural way to care for herself and her family, with no intention of building a business. After a women's retreat and the curiosity of the women, she began to use them on everyone and was blown away by their immediate responses. Sharing oils has become not only a business but a ministry as she uses them in her massage business as well. Her favorite oils are peppermint and AromaTouch. 


Amy Burks - Director

Amy and her family have struggled with being toxic and sick because of inherited gene mutations. Because doTERRA's essential oils and supplements have helped their family so much, she is always sharing her knowledge of oils and how they are beneficial to our health. doTERRA’s household and self care products are free of toxins which helps keep their bodies healthy. Two of Amy’s family’s favorite oils are OnGuard and Copaiba.