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Getting Started

Getting started using Essential Oils can feel overwhelming, but it’s actually very easy.
doTERRA is all about helping you invest in yourself. When you’re ready to get started you can Purchase at full retail pricing through my online shop OR get yourself a membership and take advantage of wholesale pricing, definitely the more savvy saving way to order. Get Oils Discounted For a low membership fee of $35 (or by purchasing an enrollment kit which includes your membership fee) you automatically get doTERRA membership perks, me as your encouraging helper, exclusive access to oils camps & education, plus score all your oils & doTERRA products 25% below retail for a full year. (Renew annually for only $25 and get a free bottle of peppermint!)

Become a Business Partner

If you’re looking to get your oils free or earn extra income, building a doTERRA business with me offers much flexibility and financial opportunity. Maybe you want a few hundred extra dollars a month to pay for your child’s dance lessons and splurge on a few family road trips, or perhaps you’re looking to replace your entire income and change the course of your life, building with me and the world’s largest essential oil company has the potential to help you meet whatever financial goal you have. I’m Partnering with men & woman (18yrs+) who want to use doTERRA as a vehicle to get where they want to go. You Will Get your own personal website, access to business tools & training, commissions & bonuses, plus a community to celebrate your progress.