I have my oils, now what?

Living doTERRA

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  • Download the free Live guide for practical daily habits using doTERRA essential oils and essential oil infused products to help you reach your wellness goals. 

  • Connect with the Wellness Advocate that helped you get started and ask for a FREE Lifestyle Overview.

  • Discover solutions to your health needs by browsing body systems, popular wellness topics, and products. doTERRA.com is full of insightful info to help you get the answers you need when you need them. 

  • Sign up for free online webinars with the Empowered Life Series to learn about popular essential oil topics from experts on the subject.

  • Find out all the sourcing and testing information on every single one of your doTERRA bottles.

  • Begin creating your new oil habit. They only work if you unscrew the lids and consistently use them.

Sharing doTERRA

  • Share doTERRA with your circle of influence, consider hosting a class to introduce them to natural options that can change their lives.

  • Don’t feel comfortable sharing yet, ask your Wellness Advocate to teach your first class, ask them about Hostess Rewards.

Building doTERRA

  • Earn free oils, extra income, or replace your current salary.

  • Be empowered as you work with your strengths to unlock your potential and build your business.

  • Be motivated and confident as you receive powerful training that will reap a harvest if you do not give up.

  • Connect with your Wellness Advocate who helped you get started and ask them for a FREE Business Overview & Launch

Connect & Learn

What, you haven’t ordered yet?

If you aren’t currently working with another wellness advocate, I would love to guide you through the process and welcome you into my community. Ask me about my welcome box.