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Business Story

Standing in the shower, praying over the retreat center idea the Lord birthed in me years prior, I felt the nudge of the Spirit say, “Build doTERRA and doTERRA will build the retreat center.” I hadn’t even been using essential oils, my four year old starter kit was somewhere on a shelf collecting dust, but I recognized the prompting of God’s Spirit in me and confirmed it with my husband. I called up a local girl who I thought might still be using oils and asked her to enroll me. I didn’t even think to order product, guys, I just knew I was urgent with my yes response to build a business. Looking back, I used zero reasoning skills, but following Christ is like that, it doesn’t make a lot of earthly sense. Here we are!

Product Story

I did order oils after realizing I probably needed to use the products I was building a business with. Immediately I fell in love with Wild Orange and Balance. I’m pretty sure I thought Wild Orange would be my product story after sharing it with every person in line at every public restroom I found myself in. I shared that bottle of sunshine to countless women.

Four months into my doTERRA journey, I thought it was smarter to purchase my digestive enzymes from myself than to keep forking over money to the local health food store, plus I didn’t see the results I had expected from the other ones anyway, so why not switch, right? I ordered my first bottle of TerraZyme® and took it just like the bottle recommended. Four months later, I had my true doTERRA Product Story. These digestive enzymes completely changed my gut health!!!

Having digestive issues my entire life, being put under for scopes to be inserted where scopes shouldn’t be inserted, having stumped the specialist and never getting any answers, I wasn’t sure if I would ever see complete restoration. I hadn’t really nailed down my belief that God designed our bodies to heal themselves. I didn’t know what I know now, but when we provide our bodies with the things it needs, when we create an atmosphere where our body can heal itself, it does just that.

God is the ultimate healer and He is teaching me that I must do my part to steward my body, nourishing it with optimal nutrition and support.