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coaching sessions

I help others practice listening for the Spirit of God in their lives and pray His Word back to Him. Together we learn to call into existence the life He has created you to live by creating a daily routine that allows you to walk out the good works He created you to do. My goal is to target areas of your life that balance you as a whole person. Your spiritual & emotional wellness is priority and will trickle over into other areas of your life such as financial, physical, relational, and what I like to call bucket fillers, your personal growth.

wellness consultations

A half hour of chatting about your personal health concerns and offering natural solutions to help you move toward whole-body wellness. Consultations can be scheduled in-person or over the phone.


Gather together with friends and family (in-person or online) for classes to advance your essential oil education. I offer numerous class options; the basics of oils, hormones, gut health, emotional well being, all natural lifestyles, and more. Let’s creatively craft a class that meets the needs of you and your people.

AromaTouch Technique Sessions

Carve out 30-45 minutes of your day to relax as I apply 8 essential oils to your body (back, neck, head, & feet) to help support a homeostasis. Learn more about AromaTouch.

iTovi Scans

In just 5 minutes or less you can walk away with a personalized recommendation of essential oil products that will support you physically, emotionally, and as you deal with environmental factors. These scans are in-person or schedule a gathering and I’ll come to you. Learn more about how it works.

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